Approval of biogas and composting plants


by Veterynary Inspection




  1. Elaboration of HACCP documentation for biogas plants based on:
  • a standard method of transformation animal byproducts into biogas,
  • an alternative method of transformation animal byproducts into biogas,
  • mixed method, ie. the standard and alternative simultaneously.
  1. Elaboration set of procedures in accordance with the requirements of EU regulations no 1069/2009 and 142/2011.
  2. Elaboration validation - an alternative method of transformation  animal by-products (ABP) at biogas plant in collaboration with a renowned center for scientific research, which executed a number of such expertise for a biogas plant in Poland.
  3. Elaboration  program of rodent control for biogas plant.
  4. Updating existing HACCP system
  5. Periodic audits of biogas plants in accordance with the requirements of HACCP.

We also offer a comprehensive service covering obtain a final decision approving the activities of the biogas plant to the customer upon receipt power of attorney.

The full service includes the:
• Submission of an application for approval of supervised activities.
• Collaboration with the District Veterinary Officer in terms of the subject matter.
• Substantive support for the customer during veterinary inspections.
• Elaboration of HACCP documentation and procedures associated with it.
• Guidance on how to adjust the plant to the requirements laying in UE regulations No. 1069/2009 and 142/2011
• Organization validation fermentation process in case of  use alternative methods of transformation ABP`s into biogas.
• Training for biogas operators how to keeps properly HACCP documentation.
• Obtaining a final decision approving the biogas activities in the transformation of animal by-products.